Kandi's Dungeon and Houston TX

Hi guys it’s been a while. I took a couple weeks off to go on vacation and I have lots to tell you guys about from my trip to Houston Texas where I’ve visited Kandi‘s dungeon and several other places. Let’s get into the Houston trip. So my mom and I are big fans of Kandi and she went on tour with her infamous dungeon show we knew we had to go. I reached out to my group members from a facebook group Im in called black girls jeep to see who who would be in Houston that weekend and coincidentally a few group members were in another Jeep group from the Houston area and they were throwing a day party Saturday. So Saturday my mother and I went to an 80s themed day party hosted by Houston‘s jeep club. 

 This is literally the only 80s party I went to where they played 80s music the entire time. Shout out to the DJ.
 My mom had an awesome time and I was glad because of course she grew up in the 80s so she enjoyed the music. Below is a picture of my outfit that I wore to the party in front of that awesome Jeep.

The shirt and bag is vintage and can be purchased on my websitewww.loveslostphoenix.storenvy.com Sunday I took my mom to brunch at this amazing restaurant that I found on eventbrite. 

TIP: When ever you’re traveling to another city it’s important to find things to do in that city especially if you don’t know anyone that lives there so eventbrite is perfect for that. Of course I wore my Mimosa Therapy T-shirt because who goes to brunch that doesn’t have unlimited mimosas? I don’t. I paired it with this cute multicolored polkadot tulle skirt that I found at a local store called simply ten  by way of it’s fashion. So check your local it’s fashion stores if you’re interested in getting this item. This skirt is straight sized but my plus size 22 body fit in it just fine. My sunglasses are from https://www.kenziesshades.com TIP: Curvy ladies do not be afraid to shop in the straight size section, look for things with lots of stretch and things that are naturally oversized. 

We had an amazing time at brunch we met the owner of the restaurant and the Southern cuisine was delicious. 

Dungeon: The show is hosted downtown at a warehouse and the location was great. So the only problem I had with the show was that it was general admission standing only even for the people who have purchased a VIP like myself and my mother. The show started off kind of sultry with Kandi singing and speaking to the crowd then she brought on her first special guest @grapefruitlady1 who gave us some amazing tips on pleasing your man. Then BOLO @micaelbolwaire came out and gave some single ladies from the crowd some extra special attention. One thing I like about people is that once you put them in their element and they’re comfortable you can never predict what’s going to happen. Kandi was playing a game with the crowd it was her sex dice game so basically you roll the dice and you have to do whatever they say one couple had to like suck the others breast and they did that with no problem the next couple was supposed to lick on His partners clit and she got out of her jeans and panties so fast to perform on stage I could not believe it. This was not Kandi this was not any of her performers this was regular people who came to see the show. I looked down at my phone and then I looked up and I last saw was a butt naked woman on stage enjoying herself quite frankly. Deelishis was an excellent co host and she played plenty of games with the crowd. Singer Tamar, rapper Trina, and Shamari from the group Blaque all performed that night. Kandi playing with the crowd was the highlight of the evening. At the end of the show a cash prize for best dress was given out. Please remember though that my mother was my guest for the night so I was not going to do anything to disrespect her. I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my trip to the dungeon.

At the end of our trip I discovered A Magical Unicorn dessert bar. Being the unicorn that I am I had to visit and dress in the theme of course. 
I ordered The RedVelvet cake Milkshake and it was HUGE and so Delicious. It was a chocolate milkshake with Hershey's kisses on the glass and a huge slice of Redvelvet cheesecake on top. It was kinda pricey for a milkshake but you could consider it two desserts. it was more thank enough for me and mom to share. They offered other desserts and specialty drinks. You can check the menu and a better pic of my milkshake below.

Remember Happiness looks good on you.


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