The Best Day Ever Brunch

I recently attended this amazing Brunch called "The Best Day Ever". I had an amazing time. The menu was short and sweet featuring the classic southern favorite Fish and Grits and of course bottomless mimosas :).  So I took this opportunity to debut my t shirt line! So this Cute Tee is available on me website WWW.LOVESLOSTPHOENIX.COM and you can find it here. 
This skirt was purchased TWO YEARS AGO from forever21 so of course it isn't available but I found a similar one here. I can't stress the importance of buying timeless pieces over trendy pieces enough. I paired my white tee and white skirt with some classic white Filas. I'm sure they can be found at any store but for my lazy shoppers you can grab a pair here. 

The Brunch was thrown by my good friend Melvin (pictured top). Melvin is a creative. He has a Podcast called The Roguish Gent and you can find it here. He is also a photographer/videographer for 242 Creative and you can check them out here. The Brunch was hosted in a spot called OFF BEAT JXN. Off beat is an alternative culture store that sells comic books, records, art, vintage tee's and really dope collectible toys. Off beat is owned by DJ Young Venom (pictured to bottom). To learn more about off beat or shop the store you can check out the website here. DJ Young Venom is what I call a Jackson Enthusiast and has a line of T shirt's repping our city to the fullest. Oh he's also a DJ (obvi).
This brunch was much more intimate than some of the others Ive been to and I really enjoyed that. I not only got a chance to network but I really got a chance to get to know people, oh and sale my t shirts. Here I am pictured with Andrea. Andrea was one of the sponsors for the brunch. Andrea also know as Smart Chick is a Graphic designer by day (and night) AND she runs a page called The Plug JXN which highlights all the amazing things going on in our city. You can follow the page here. I promise you can NEVER say its nothing to do in Jackson because the PLUG has all the info. 

My bestie Toni came to support and my sister is always there to lend a helping hand. I hope to see more familiar faces and meet many more new people at the next Best Day ever.


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