Easter Snap look

Hey guys! Guess what season it is? HA HA this weather in Jackson MS is so bipolar so we are somewhere between Winter in Summer and on this particular day it was pretty cool so I was happy to wear my yellow Jacket from American Apperal. I have this Same Jacket in a different color that I wore on another blog post so check it out if you haven't already. 

 The Jacket is Nylon and lined with cotton just like the wind suits our parent would make us wear to the fair when we were kids. American apparel makes a great quality of clothing and since its off season(kind of) these jackets are on sale and can be found here. They are unisex and having matching shorts that I ordered but can not fit. So if you are smaller than me (18/20 with belly) the shorts would be super cute with the jacket.
 I paired the jacket with a checkered sleeved mesh body suit from Forever 21 that can be found here. But I didn't take my jacket off for the pics because it was seriously cold outside in APRIL! Nonetheless the checkered sleeves and yellow boots made the perfect pop of colors. I slipped on these lace up leggings, also from Forever21. These leggings are a wardrobe staple and at one point several stores had them but if you missed the wave you can find them here.
 Lets talk about these yellow crocodile print, block heel, point toe boots that I just had to have! So one of my facebook friends posted a pic of herself and her friend and the friend had these boots on. If you know me you know I committed on the pic and said " Ask your friend where her boots from!" She must've thought I was joking till I slide in her inbox like " No seriously, Ask your friend where her boots from" LMAO. Any way the boots are from FASHION NOVA and you can find them here. If you want to get a discount use this link.
One thing I pride myself on is "Getting Dressed for the day." So I like a look that can go with me all day because I be rolling lol. So I wore this look to a local neighborhood festival call Vibe Fest. Then to a BBQ/House party then to a strip club and it fit every occasion. But most importantly I was comfortable and I had a good time. 


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