Peplum for Brunch

Hey Guys! I'm here with a look that is a staple for apple shaped bodies. Peplum!!!! My favorite thing about peplum is not only does it look great on apple shapes but it literally looks great on ALL body shapes, rather your body is pear, rectangle, or apple peplum will look good on you. 
So what peplum does is create a waistline if you don't really have one or in enhances any waist that you have, which is why it looks good on all body's. I got this peplum skirt from Forever21 and it can be found here. The strips help camouflage the unflattering areas. 
By now I'm sure you guys are aware of my love of graphic tees and retro clothing. So, I choose to dress my skirt down with this cute "Born in the 90's" tee featuring all of my favorite cartoon characters from my childhood.
The tee is from 5 below, so you can head to your local store to grab it or you can find it here. I wore single soled strappy sandals with light blue stripe socks to give my look some edge. I love the high heel and sock trend. I bought my socks from ITs Fashion and the came in a pack of 3. If you are having a hard time finding some you could always cut a pair of footed tights. (Yes Ive done it before). My single sole shoes are from Ashely Stewart and that's where I tend to get a lot of my shoes because like my body, my feet are wide lol. Here are several different colors of wide single soled shoes. 
I wore this look to a local brunch hosted by a group of gentlemen in my city Jackson,MS. They 
are called @3kingzjxn. The hold this brunch once a month and it turns into an awesome day. Follow their instagram and meet me at the next one! 
My best friend and owner of @thecoparentconversation was my date that day for the event.
Photos are by @Supaimages. Would you rock peplum and have you worn it before? In what way? Leave a message in the comments!


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