Plus Cinderella

This past weekend I attended The 5th Annual Creating a Change event hosted by my best friends older brother. This event is Semi - Formal and I needed something to wear of course. Now, its already hard to shop when you are plus-sized. Its double hard to shop when you are plus sized AND apple shaped. Its triple hard to shop when you are plus-sized, apple shaped , AND you need something formal or semi formal. Everything now is sooooo tight and body hugging and that just don't fly for apple shaped girls. Needless to say when I saw this skirt on Vintage Barbie Boutique instagram page I just had to have it. Its called the Cinderella Skirt.
I paired the skirt with a mesh top that's embroidered with pearls, the top is so delicate and sophisticated. I was honestly worried that I would tear some of the pearls off because I'm so rough but it survived the photo shoot and the event which is an A plus in my book. I purchased my blouse from a local store called Simply 10 where all there items are $10 or less.  You can check the site HERE to see if there's a store in your area or you can find a similar top HERE at

Whenever I am opting for a see through top, which happens more often than you would imagine lol, I have to have a matching bra. In this case I did not have a white Bra because I like to buy my bras for long term wear since they are so expensive in my size. Finding this white bralette at Rue 21 was a life saver. I'm wearing a 2x bralette and my normal Bra size is a 44DD.

 Lets talk about this skirt once again. The skirt is ONE SIZE fits most and it fit my 46 inch waist just fine. It camouflaged my apple just as I bought it to.  It is SUPER LONG. I'm only five feet tall but I wore it with 4 inch heels and it still dragged but that's OK because I felt that the length added to the dramatics of the skirt and I LOVE DRAMA!

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