Chic to Street

If you don't know anything about me by now you should know that I love retro style. Something about the 80s/90s era just sticks with me. One day I was shopping online (everyday lol), and I ran across this Sumer dope windbreaker jacket. I loved the color and style. Im a big fan of color blocking.
 The model wore the jacket with the same color sports bra and I thought it looked super dope  but unfortunately I couldn't find a sports bra in my size and that color. The Jacket can be found here on American Apparel's website and its on SALE! I'm wearing an XL and they are Unisex.
Lets chat about these super cute mule heels Im wearing. As I've stated before Cape Robbin is one of my favorite shoe designers because the shoes are affordable, comfortable, and cute asf. I purchased this pair at a local store but you can find them here on AMAZON.

Everyone loves golden girls right? Guess where I found my favorite sitcom T Shirt. WALMART! Yep , I told y'all I literally shop everywhere. The tee can be found in the mens section of your local Walmart or here on Im wearing the tee in an XL. 
This Blog post is called from Chic to Street to show how a change of shoes can change your entire look. I touched on this in a previous blog post is you want to check it out. So The graphic tee, shorts, wind jacket and heels is definitely a cute look for brunch, a bar, date night etc. Putting on tennis shoes can make the look more practical for day time activities, parades, museums, or even shopping. The tennis shoes Im wearing are Nike Presto's. They are super cute and super comfy and they went perfectly with my outfit. You can find them at you local athletic apparel store. Mines were purchased at Finishline and you can find similar ones here
I love a piece of custom Jewelry and I love anything that makes a statement.These dope earrings do both. They are by an Indie Desgigner name Rashida and you can find them on her website here. Unfortunately they are sold out but she has several other pairs of dope earrings and bags to choose from. They are all handmade and hand painted. Rashida's Insta is @Rashidagurl follow here to get the new stuff first because all her stuff sales out.
Hope y'all enjoyed this weeks post it was super fun to shoot. My photographer @Supaimages on IG and Supa Images always does an amazing job with my photos. As y'all can see my cellulite is not filtered or airbrushed out and I told him specifically that I always wanted to remain natural. I didn't wanted to be another airbrushed BBW blogger. Im hopping that my transparency will continue to set me aside from the others.


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