Mixing it up

"I wear what I want"
It's ok to mix it up, be different, be bold!
If you are new to the "mix prints" trend I suggest you start simple with Camo and anything lol. 
Last photo is Camo and Floral (I pulled that photo from the Instagram archives) 
Dress from Belk Camo Jacket from Wilson leather 
Next Photo is Camo and Flag print(also from IG Archives)
T shirt by RockPaperHeels Tights from Bishie Chrissie 
More recently Stripes and Baroque Print
Skirt from Target Jacket is Vintage from Phoenix Thriftique
Finally Striped Bandage style tights and Vintage printed top
Tights from Gojane and top from Phoenix Thriftique

Also Leopard print is a good print to mix with other prints. What's your fav mixed print trend?


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